Collection: National Park Candles

Ignite the spirit of adventure from the comfort of your home with Bowerbird's all-new National Park Candles collection. Hand-poured with love in Kansas City, MO, these aromatic treasures take you on an olfactory journey through some of America's most iconic natural wonders, making them the perfect companion for moments of solitude or joyous gatherings.

Our National Park Candles are crafted using 100% coconut soy wax, ensuring an eco-friendly, clean burn that’s as good for you as it is for Mother Earth. With an impressive 40-50 hours of burn time, each 8-oz candle is designed to linger in your space and in your memories.

The authentic crackle of the wood wick adds another layer of sensory delight, amplifying the cozy ambiance. Moreover, we exclusively use premium, all-natural, phthalate-free, non-toxic, and cruelty-free fragrance oils, creating a guilt-free experience that aligns with your values.

Discover scents inspired by Zion, Olympic, Glacier, and Rocky Mountain National Parks. Our Zion National Park Candle evokes the awe-inspiring vistas of Utah, while the Olympic National Park Candle captures the lush greenery of Washington's rainforests. Journey to Montana with our Glacier National Park Candle, or experience the alpine freshness encapsulated in our Rocky Mountain National Park Candle.

For those who prefer the sun-kissed vibes of California, our Big Sur Candle and Joshua Tree Candle bring the Golden State's charm to your living room. And for times when you're nostalgic about camping trips and open highways, our Campground and Road Trip candles serve as delicious smelling complements that round out the collection.

At Bowerbird, we're not just selling candles; we're offering an invitation to wander, to dream, and to cherish the simple joys that life brings. Come join us on this exciting journey, one heavenly scent at a time.