Collection: Eco Conscious

Welcome to the Eco Conscious Collection at Bowerbird Shop—a curated selection of products that not only embrace the spirit of adventure but also take a conscious step towards sustainability and eco-friendliness. Whether you’re a lover of the great outdoors or simply someone who cares deeply about our planet, this collection is designed to resonate with your values while adding style and functionality to your life.

Stay cozy and stylish with our Blanket Poncho with Hood, a versatile piece that can double up as a wearable sleeping bag poncho. Made from a recycled sleeping bag material, it promises to keep you snug during all your outdoor escapades.

Organize your essentials in a more Earth-friendly way with our range of cork accessories. The cork leather wallet is both fashionable and practical, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional materials. Don't forget our equally chic and handy cork glasses case, designed to keep your eyewear safe while you explore the world.

For the younger adventurers, our felt tooth fairy pillows are a delightful way to add some magic to your child's milestones. Available in different designs, including monsters and fairies so you can have tooth fairy pillows for boys and girls, these keepsakes are lovingly crafted and built to last.

Set the ambiance and carry the allure of the wilderness into your home with our national park candles. Each scent is inspired by the serenity and beauty of your favorite parks, letting you breathe in the very essence of nature.

The collection also features intricate marbled leather goods and captivating wooden animal figures, each piece an ode to craftsmanship and aesthetic flair.

Discover the blend of artistry and eco-conscious living with Bowerbird Shop's Eco Conscious Collection. It's about making choices that honor the Earth while enriching your own experience, one sustainable product at a time. Come explore what it means to be truly Eco Conscious with us.