Collection: Decor

Welcome to Bowerbird's Decor Collection—a thoughtfully curated ensemble that celebrates the essence of home and the beauty of artistic craftsmanship. At Bowerbird, we handpick each piece to offer a blend of style, warmth, and individuality that resonates with you. This is the perfect destination for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life, from elegantly crafted Nordic glass vases to mesmerizing stained glass kaleidoscopes that transform your space into a realm of aesthetic splendor.

Our Decor Collection is a haven of unique treasures, each with its own story and appeal. Discover a vast array of items that bring character and flair to any room—vases, candlesticks, tufted tapestry wall art, and so much more. For those looking to infuse a touch of nature into their surroundings, don't miss our test tube propagation stations that make plant nurturing a chic endeavor. Our range of stained glass plant stakes also add a dash of whimsy and color to your potted green friends.

If you're a fan of the ethereal, you'll be captivated by our stained glass kaleidoscopes, a product that not only adds character to your room but also brings back the delight of childhood wonder. Looking for something playful? Our balloon dogs are perfect conversation starters that infuse an element of fun into your living space.

One of the cool stores in San Francisco, Bowerbird shop is not just a store but a journey through an ever-changing tapestry of design and whimsy. We believe that every piece you choose is a reflection of your personality and an extension of your own artistry. That's why we offer a selection so varied—it caters to the unique tastes and individualities that make up our beloved community.

So come, explore our Decor Collection, and find pieces that speak to you, enchant your eyes, and touch your soul. At Bowerbird, we celebrate the art of living beautifully every single day.