Collection: Shop All Kids

Searching for the perfect gift for the little ones in your life? Look no further! At Bowerbird, your favorite San Francisco gift shop online, we've curated a whimsical Kids collection that brings smiles as big as your child's imagination. Each item is thoughtfully selected to provide not just a toy or accessory, but an experience—a memory that will last a lifetime.

Magic happens when a child loses a tooth, and what's better to capture that moment than with our adorable monster tooth fairy pillow? This pocket-sized treasure adds a fun twist to the tooth fairy tradition, making it a night your child will look forward to with excitement rather than fear.

For those with an affinity for the animal kingdom, you'll find our wooden animal figures impossible to resist. Handcrafted with love and imagination, these charming figures inspire interactive play and offer a tactile experience for young, curious minds.

But that's not all! Gaze up at our enchanting felt animal mobiles and felt crib mobiles. These gently swirling designs captivate your baby's attention, stimulating their visual senses while adding a dreamy aesthetic to any nursery.

Arts and crafts more your thing? Explore the spectrum of creativity with our markers and coloring books, designed to inspire and nurture your child's artistic spirit. Allow their imagination to flourish, one color at a time!

Whether you're preparing for a new arrival, celebrating a milestone, or simply looking to surprise your little one, the Kids collection at Bowerbird has something for everyone. Each product we feature is a doorway to a world of creativity, joy, and comfort.

Join us in celebrating the simple yet magical joys of childhood. Dive in and discover our lovingly curated collection that sparks delight and wonder in every child.