Collection: For Plant Lovers

Welcome to our For Plant Lovers collection, a verdant oasis of curated pieces that bring a splash of Mother Nature into your daily life. Whether you have a sprawling garden or a compact windowsill filled with potted beauties, our range of plant-inspired items adds a special touch to your personal or shared spaces.

At Bowerbird, we understand that plants are more than just decoration; they're a lifestyle. With this collection, we aim to celebrate the deep-rooted love you have for your leafy companions. From exquisite Nordic glass vases that offer an elegant home for your blooms, to plant lady coffee mugs that declare your green-thumb status with each sip, we’ve gathered the most charming items to delight plant aficionados.

But it’s not just about functional items. Immerse yourself in the allure of our innovative test tube propagation stations that not only foster new plant life but also double as a living art piece. Add a pop of color and personality to your plant collection with our stained glass plant stakes. Looking for a unique gift? Our rose bolo ties and other plant-themed jewelry bring the essence of the garden wherever you go.

Spruce up your interiors with our whimsically designed faceplanters, the perfect abode for your smaller green friends. Each piece in this collection has been carefully chosen to cater to plant lovers like you who appreciate aesthetics as much as utility.

At Bowerbird, we believe that surrounding yourself with the things you love enhances your life. Our For Plant Lovers collection aims to capture the joy and peace that plants bring into our lives, extending that serenity to every moment of your day. Join us in embracing a life cultivated with passion, love, and a generous touch of green. 🌿