Collection: For the Host

Find gifts for the host at Bowerbird, where hospitality meets style. At Bowerbird, we understand that hosting is an art form—balancing atmosphere, comfort, and a touch of elegance. It’s for the person who loves to bring people together, cherishing each laugh and every shared story. Our specially curated collection is designed to make your hosting dreams a delightful reality.

From our enchanting mood changing mugs that grow from grumpy to glad, to our plant lady coffee mugs that celebrate your green thumb, each piece is crafted to add a layer of magic to your gathering. Imagine sipping your favorite blend from a mug that not only reflects your love for plants but also brings that retro vibe into the mood of your soirée!

Our tea towels are more than just utilitarian; they're an expression of individuality, adding subtle flair to your kitchen or dining space. Light up the room both literally and figuratively with our aromatic candles, designed to set the mood and conversation flowing effortlessly.

No hosting toolkit is complete without the perfect bottle opener. Our geometric bottle openers offer the best of both worlds—efficiency with an edgy design. It's the kind of piece that’s as much a talking point as it is a practical necessity, making the task of opening a bottle feel like part of the celebration.

For those who love to set an aromatic ambiance, don't overlook our incense burners. They not only fill the air with calming scents but also serve as beautiful décor pieces, elevating the atmosphere to a more exotic, comforting space.

In essence, our For the Host collection embodies the epitome of thoughtful gathering, emphasizing not just function but also the joy and beauty that comes with it. We invite you to explore this extraordinary collection, handpicked to elevate your hosting game to the next level. Happy hosting!