Collection: Bath

Step into a world of serenity and simple pleasures with Bowerbird's meticulously curated Bath collection. Immerse yourself in nature-inspired elegance that not only elevates your daily rituals but also nurtures your well-being. We understand that bathing is not just about cleansing—it's an intimate ritual that should pamper your senses and elevate your spirit.

Begin your journey to relaxation with our all-natural scented candles featuring wood wicks. Imagine you're taking a leisurely stroll through a national park as you light one of these candles. With a 50-hour burn time, they'll last through many evenings of self-care and tranquility. The soothing crackle of the wood wick mirrors the peaceful sounds of nature, transporting you to your very own sanctuary.

Lather up with our vegan soaps, infused with tantalizing scents and emblazoned with quirky icons. These bars are not just delightful for your skin; they're a visual and olfactory treat! Whether you're a lover of floral undertones or crave the zest of citrus, our range has something to tickle your senses.

To keep your personal care items in place, look no further than our durable Sticky Lemon toiletry bags. They're a blend of fashion and functionality, boasting vibrant colors that'll bring a smile to your face even on the earliest of mornings. These Sticky Lemon bags are designed for the contemporary wanderer who values practicality with a hint of whimsy.

And what's a luxury bath routine without the perfect vanity setup? Our beech wood vanity tray and hand mirror add a touch of organic elegance to your bathroom. These beautifully crafted items not only serve a purpose but also contribute to your home's aesthetic.

At Bowerbird, we believe in celebrating the art of living well. Our Bath collection is an ode to everyday luxury, offering a range of products that pamper you from start to finish. So go ahead, make space for a little 'you' time.