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Welcome to Bowerbird's Living collection, where every item is a handpicked gem designed to add a dash of whimsy and warmth to your everyday life. Our curated selection goes beyond just home goods; it offers a heartfelt invitation to make your living space a true sanctuary. Whether you're a decor enthusiast, a plant lover, or someone seeking to add more comfort and style to your home, this is your ultimate destination for unique finds.

Transform your floral arrangements with our Nordic Glass Vases, perfect for giving any room a minimalist touch. They make an elegant statement on their own or paired with vibrant blooms. If you're more into propagating plants, don't miss our Test Tube Propagation Stations that combine both function and beauty.

Feel the chill in the air? Snuggle up in our Blanket Poncho with Hood. It's the epitome of cozy meets chic and a must-have for those lazy, loungy weekends. Our collection even honors the adventurer in you with our National Park candles, filling your space with the aromatic essence of America’s beloved natural landscapes.

For those who love a hint of quirk in their caffeine routine, our "Plant Lady" and "Plant Daddy" coffee mugs are the ideal companions. Couple them with our stained glass plant stakes, and you've got an indoor garden that's not only lush but also artistically uplifting.

Children and adults alike will be mesmerized by our stained glass kaleidoscopes, offering a magical experience right at your fingertips. Don't forget to check out our diverse range of handmade ceramics, tufted tapestries, and unique prints that celebrate both art and function.

At Bowerbird Shop, we believe that every item you bring into your home should speak to your soul and brighten your day. Join us on a journey through the Living collection, and embrace the joy of turning your house into a home that truly reflects you.