Collection: Wallets & Bags

We invite you to explore our curated Wallets & Bags collection, an eclectic assortment of stylish, functional, and environmentally conscious products that redefine your everyday essentials. At Bowerbird, we bring you the perfect blend of chic design and sustainable craftsmanship, and this collection is no exception.

Dive into the whimsical world of our Sticky Lemon backpacks, bags, and fanny packs. Inspired by a spirit that's quirky, bold, and sunny, Sticky Lemon offers a refreshing take on traditional accessories. With color combinations that give a playful wink to retro times, these iconic backpacks and bags are not only eye-catching but also kind to our planet—crafted from recycled PET bottles. Browse our Sticky Lemon backpacks in our Sticky Lemon USA collection and you'll discover why these bags are taking the accessory world by storm.

For those with a penchant for timeless elegance, our cork leather wallet and glasses cases offer a chic yet eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials. The cork accessories are as durable as they are beautiful, seamlessly blending into both casual and formal settings. Prepare to fall in love with the unmatched sophistication of cork leather wallets.

Last but not least, our marbled leather coin purses add a luxurious touch to your daily routine. The unique swirling patterns evoke the beauty of natural marble, capturing an aesthetic that's both classic and contemporary. Experience this exquisite craftsmanship for yourself.

At Bowerbird, we believe that your personal style should make a statement, not leave a footprint. That's why every product in our Wallets & Bags collection is a tribute to ethical fashion and sustainable luxury. Thank you for joining us on this journey toward a more stylish and sustainable future.