Collection: For Animal Lovers

Welcome to Bowerbird’s Animal Lovers collection, a curated range of treasures perfect for anyone with a soft spot for our furry, feathered, or finned friends. From the practical to the purely decorative, we've gathered an enchanting menagerie of items to infuse your daily life with animal magic.

Ever wanted to drape yourself in the elegance of animal print without the guilt? Our silk scarves and cotton silk bandanas offer the allure of the wild in every soft, luxurious fold. Whether you're drawn to the spots of a leopard or the stripes of a zebra, these accessories add a touch of sophistication that any animal lover can appreciate.

Our wooden animal figures are true conversation starters. Skillfully crafted and playful, they're the perfect additions to any room seeking a touch of natural charm. Place them on a bookshelf or let your kids use them as toys; their understated elegance complements every décor.

Why settle for ordinary hooks when you can hang your coats on our whimsical jungle animal coat hooks? Not only do they serve a practical function, but they also inject a bit of fun and personality into your living spaces.

For art aficionados, our selection of faux wall mounted animal heads and animal-themed kirigami will enthrall you. Imagine having hanging sloths, deer heads, and majestic elephants artistically gracing your walls. They create a dramatic focal point, turning any room into a sanctuary of style and imagination.

Don’t forget the pets that make our lives complete! We haven’t left out the special dog or cat in your life, offering playful and durable toys that promise hours of fun and bonding.

Whether you're an animal lover yourself or shopping for one, this collection offers a rich palette of items designed to inspire joy and pay homage to the animal kingdom. Dive into our Animal Lovers collection today and celebrate the wonder and whimsy that animals bring into our lives.