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Collection: For the Adventurer

Calling all wanderlust warriors, camping enthusiasts, and nature lovers! Welcome to our Adventure collection at Bowerbird—a specially curated selection of outdoor essentials designed to accompany you on your wild escapades and serene getaways. Here, function meets style, and adventure meets comfort, creating the perfect blend for the modern explorer.

Blanket Poncho with Hood

Cold mountain air? No problem. Our Blanket Poncho with Hood isn’t just an ordinary poncho; it’s a wearable sleeping bag poncho, expertly crafted to keep you warm, snug, and adventure-ready. Fashioned from recycled sleeping bag material, you can wear your commitment to sustainability and coziness all at once. It's the comfort you crave, rolled into one stylish package. Long road trips and flights are a breeze with our 2-in-1 travel pillow blanket. It's comfort you can take with you, making it a must-have for any adventure.

National Park Candles

What’s an adventure without capturing the essence of the great outdoors? With our National Park Candle collection, you can bring the enchanting scents of America's majestic parks right into your home. It’s the perfect ambiance for reminiscing about your treks or planning the next great expedition.

Sticky Lemon Bags & Backpacks

Say hello to Sticky Lemon USA, your new best friend for outdoor gear storage. With Sticky Lemon bags and Sticky Lemon backpacks, you'll enjoy a splash of vibrant colors and practical design, ensuring you stand out while you wander out. Don’t just explore—do it in style.