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Disco Reed Diffuser - Basil + Sweet Lime

Disco Reed Diffuser - Basil + Sweet Lime

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Take a nostalgic journey back to the vibrant and groovy 1970s with our captivating Disco collection. Embracing the essence of that era's lively colors, disco balls, and funky tunes, these products are a delightful time machine to carefree dancing and joyous nights.

Infused with the essence of "Boogie Nights," offering fruity and floral notes, and "Funky Town," delivering a spicy and woody aroma, each fragrance encapsulates a blend of nostalgia and contemporary luxury. "Boogie Nights" presents top notes of squeezed lemon, basil, and refreshing cucumber water, while "Funky Town" delves into a delightful mix of avocado and aloe vera, culminating in bottom notes of rose.

Not only do these scents evoke memories of the past, but they also offer an indulgent and modern olfactory experience. The combination of top, middle, and bottom notes creates a sensorial journey that embodies the spirit of the '70s while embracing the sophistication of today.

Beyond their delightful fragrances, these products also emphasize sustainability. Once the fragrance has completed its life cycle, the vessel can be repurposed, aligning with eco-conscious practices. Each 145ml diffuser is meticulously crafted and poured in the UK, offering approximately 12 weeks of continuous fragrance.

Immerse your space in the charming scents of an era past, bringing both a touch of nostalgia and a contemporary flair to your home with our Disco collection—a delightful blend of retro essence and modern sensibility.

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