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Trooper Poncho | 3-in-1

Trooper Poncho | 3-in-1

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Introducing the Trooper Poncho: not just a marvel of sustainable outdoor gear but a heroic shield against the whims of nature and our own eco-guilt. Imagine wrapping yourself in the valor of recycled valor, each thread a testament to battles against ocean plastic pollution. This is no ordinary poncho-blanket; it's a cape for the modern-day eco-warrior, a garment spun from the very essence of adventure and care for our planet.

Crafted with the whispered secrets of the sea and the resilience of those who dare to ride its waves, the Trooper is a beacon of eco-friendly adventure clothing. Made from 100% recycled REPREVE® Our Ocean™ fabric, it's like wearing a love letter to the oceans we vow to protect. Each Trooper poncho-blanket is a patchwork of promises to our planet, woven from ocean-bound plastic bottles with a tale more gripping than any sea shanty.

But let's not just sing praises of its sustainable siren call; the Trooper is as functional as it is environmentally conscious. Its Bionic Finish®Eco Fluorine Free shell laughs in the face of rain, with a water column that could hold its own against Poseidon's wrath, ensuring you remain as dry as the humor in a pirate's joke. Breathability? As if crafted by the wind itself, allowing you to embark on your most daring escapades without turning into a walking sauna.

Nestled within this eco-friendly armor is the DuPont Sorano high-loft insulation, a warm embrace on the coldest of nights that refuses to compromise on environmental ethos. It's partially plant-based, because why should we stop at saving the oceans when we can give a nod to the forests too?

So, whether you're a surfer chasing the horizon, a camper stargazing in a meadow, or a van lifer charting the unknown, the Trooper Poncho is your steadfast companion. It's not just sustainable outdoor gear; it's a declaration of your love affair with adventure, with the planet, and with the future we're all fighting to protect.

In a world where every choice can tip the scales, the Trooper stands as a testament to what we can achieve when we wrap ourselves in the cause of conservation. It's more than a poncho; it's a flag for the eco-conscious explorer, a banner for the guardians of the globe.


* Size: Open dimensions of 203cm x 124 cm (80 inches x 49 inches) ensure ample coverage and comfort.

*Weight: Weighing only 1.47kg (3.2 lbs / 52 oz), the Trooper is incredibly lightweight for easy transport on all your adventures.

The Trooper is machine washable at 30ºC (86F). Please use minimal detergent and do not tumble dry.

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