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The Wooden Sound System

The Wooden Sound System

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Welcome to Bowerbird's curated collection of wooden sound systems! Dive into the melodic world of hand-crafted speakers that are not just functional, but also a testament to impeccable design and sustainability. Winning accolades such as the German Design Award, this sound system showcases the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and acoustics.

What sets these speakers apart? Well, first, they're made entirely from rich, high-quality birchwood. And while you may wonder about the science behind them, the magic is in the details. These speakers are designed with a specialized inner sound tunnel and rings that amplify your music volume by an impressive 25 dB. This is a perceptible increase of 400%, ensuring that your favorite tunes envelop your space.

The choice of birchwood isn't just for its elegant aesthetics. It's chosen for its unparalleled acoustic properties. When music flows through these wooden sound systems, it's transformed – highs become smoother, bass becomes more pronounced, and the overall tone? Warm and rich.

Delight in the modern, vibrant color options: the serene Turquoise, the vibrant Pink, the sophisticated Blue, and the cheerful Yellow. These hues are designed to blend seamlessly with varied decors, adding a touch of charm and character to your space.

Each wooden sound system is thoughtfully packaged in a screen-printed cloth bag, which not only looks exquisite but is a testament to our attention to detail. Furthermore, it comes with hand-signed certificates of authenticity by the master designer and craftsman, Erbil Sivaslioglu. A mark of genuine artistry and assurance of quality. Dive deep into the world of wooden sound systems with Bowerbird, and let your senses be enthralled.

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