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Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow (6 Options)

Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow (6 Options)

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Discover the ultimate tooth fairy experience with our Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow at Bowerbird!

Transform your child's tooth fairy tradition into a magical journey with our enchanting Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow, thoughtfully crafted and available exclusively at Bowerbird. Designed as the ultimate tooth fairy pillow for boys, these whimsical felt creations come in an array of 6 playful options that will instantly capture your little one's imagination.

Safe, stylish, and practical, this Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow features a cleverly designed pocket, making it the perfect hideaway for those precious lost teeth. Your child will love tucking their tiny tooth into the snug pocket, eagerly awaiting the tooth fairy's arrival. With its delightful colors and lovable features, our monster pillow doesn't just hold teeth; it munches them in trendsetting style!

But the enchantment doesn't stop there! Add an extra layer of wonder to this timeless ritual with room for personalized tooth fairy notes. The hidden pocket not only keeps teeth safe but also serves as a magical mailbox for notes from the tooth fairy. Imagine the delight on your child's face when they discover a sparkling note along with their gift!

Size and Dimensions: Our Monster Tooth Fairy Pillows are approximately 7" x 4" in size, making them the perfect companion for a bedside table or under a cozy pillow.

Don't let this momentous occasion pass by without the extra sprinkle of magic it deserves. Choose our Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow to make your child’s tooth fairy experience one they'll treasure forever.

Order yours today and create everlasting memories with this unique and creatively designed tooth fairy pillow for boys. Capture the essence of childhood whimsy and make the tooth fairy's visit a truly unforgettable event!

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