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Kaavin Marble Bookends, Set of 2

Kaavin Marble Bookends, Set of 2

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Let me paint you a picture of these marvelous marble bookends! Imagine a set of two handcrafted marvels, delicately carved from the Earth's own treasure trove – natural marble. These aren't just any bookends; they're guardians of knowledge, sentinels of style, and champions of organization.

Picture them nestled on your bookshelf, proudly cradling your favorite tomes, magazines, journals, and textbooks with an air of sophistication. Their elegant design, a fusion of modernity and tradition, adds a touch of artistic flair to your space, be it your cozy home library or your bustling office desk.

Each bookend tells its own story, boasting unique variations in color, weight, and veining, akin to a fingerprint of nature's craftsmanship. No two are alike, making them as individual as the books they support.

But wait, there's more! These bookends aren't just beautiful; they're eco-conscious too. Crafted with care and responsibility, they celebrate the art of handcrafting while preserving traditions and supporting ethical practices.

So go ahead, let these marble marvels elevate your décor and organize your literary treasures. With a simple wipe of a soft cloth, they'll stand the test of time, keeping your books in place and your space looking divine.


Product dimensions: 6.0" x 2.75" x 2.50" 

Product weight: ~6.0 lbs.

Material: Marble and brass

Color: White, black and gold

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