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Art Deco Vogue Inspired Face Tumbler

Art Deco Vogue Inspired Face Tumbler

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Introduce a touch of sophistication and surprise to your glassware collection with our face-shaped black tumbler—an exquisite addition that seamlessly blends superb craftsmanship with an eye-catching design, sure to delight your guests. These tumbler glasses are meticulously crafted from high-quality solid color glass, boasting thickness, durability, and a luxurious aesthetic that elevates your drinking experience.

The opulent black hue pays homage to the art deco style reminiscent of Erté or Georges Lepape's iconic 1920s Vogue covers, infusing a sense of timeless elegance into your gatherings. Beyond aesthetics, these tumblers are not only food-safe but also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean, ensuring convenience without compromising on style.

Each tumbler is a testament to the skill of our artisans, handcrafted with precision to offer an unparalleled level of quality. Offering a generous 9.0 fl-oz capacity, these tumblers strike the perfect balance between form and function.

As a nod to the glamorous past, these tumblers bring a sense of nostalgia to your table, while their contemporary design ensures they seamlessly fit into modern aesthetics. Elevate your entertaining experience with these versatile and timeless black tumblers, where every sip is a celebration of both artistry and practicality.

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