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Block Print Bandana "Wanderlust"

Block Print Bandana "Wanderlust"

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Y'all, let me tell you about this bandana, it's like stumbling upon a secret garden in the midst of a bustling city. Picture this: a block print masterpiece in the most stunning terracotta hue, reminiscent of a sunset that makes you catch your breath. They call it Wanderlust, and let me tell you, it lives up to its name. It's like carrying a piece of the wild, untamed world with you wherever you go.

Now, here's the kicker: those crafty makers, they took old blocks and worked their magic, creating this dreamy scene of a pink moon hovering over majestic mountains while a river meanders through the landscape. And the texture? Oh, it's divine. Soft as a whisper against your skin, with a glossy sheen on one side and a subtle matte finish on the other.

And the versatility! Wear it around your neck, tie it up in your hair, or let it adorn your bag like a badge of honor. Crafted with love from 35% silk and 65% cotton, it's a treat for your senses.

Now, here's the best part: it's eco-friendly too! Hand-dyed in natural dyes, it's a nod to sustainable fashion. And when it's time for a wash, just toss it in on a cold, gentle cycle. Hang it to dry, maybe give it a little ironing love if it needs it, and it's good as new.

But wait, there's more! When you're done flaunting it around town, don't toss it aside. Frame it up and let it spin tales of adventure on your wall. It's not just a bandana, y'all. It's a story waiting to be told.


Material: 35% silk, 65% cotton

Measurements: ~ 25" x 25"

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