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Hand Painted Notebooks - Weekly Planner, Circus

Hand Painted Notebooks - Weekly Planner, Circus

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Discover a delightful fusion of artistry and organization with Bowerbird’s Hand Painted Notebooks in our Weekly Planner, Circus Edition. When you think of hand painted notebooks, we take it to the next level by making each cover a unique canvas of vibrant colors and imaginative circus themes. These aren't merely tools for jotting down appointments or to-do lists; they are functional works of art designed to elevate your daily planning and inspire your creativity.

Skillfully crafted with durable brass binding, each notebook measures a convenient 7.5" x 9.75" and features 65 pages of versatile planning landscape. On the left, you'll find dot grid pages that are perfect for sketching, jotting down quick ideas, or even bullet journaling. On the right, we provide undated weekly planner pages, giving you the flexibility to start and stop planning as your schedule demands. This thoughtful layout allows you to personalize your hand painted notebook to fit your unique lifestyle.

What sets our hand painted notebooks apart is the celebration of creativity they bring into everyday tasks. The radiant hues and imaginative designs serve as a daily reminder of the joy and whimsy that artistic expression can add to your life. Whether you're goal-setting, daydreaming, or simply organizing your week, let the lively colors and one-of-a-kind hand painted covers fuel your imagination and brighten your day.

Don't just plan your week; make it a beautiful journey with Bowerbird's hand painted notebooks. Take the first step in transforming routine into something magical—shop now and add a touch of artistry to your daily grind.

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