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Disco Reed Diffuser - White Floral

Disco Reed Diffuser - White Floral

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Introduce your senses to a throwback like no other with our Disco collection reed diffuser. Every corner of Bowerbird’s selection aims to bring a blend of the past and present, and this unique reed diffuser is no exception. Immerse yourself in an aromatic journey that’s reminiscent of the electrifying 70s – a time where vibrant colors lit up every room, disco balls reflected countless stories, and where every beat of the funky music evoked the spirit of carefree dancing.

Our Disco collection reed diffuser encapsulates the essence of this unforgettable era. Whether you were a disco queen or not, the fragrances captured in our reed diffuser range are bound to evoke memories and create new ones. Starting with the invigorating top notes of white flowers, ozonic freshness, and cut stems that paint a picture of a lively dance floor. Progressing to the middle notes, you'll find a gentle embrace of lily of the valley, paired with the timeless allure of jasmine. But just as every dance has its climax, our fragrance's base notes offer a harmonious blend of complex white woods and warm amber that resonates with soulful ballads of the past.

Each 145ml reed diffuser is meticulously poured in the UK, ensuring you receive nothing short of premium quality. And once the dance of fragrances winds down, we invite you to upcycle the beautiful vessel, giving it a new purpose and continuing the rhythm of sustainability.

So, let Bowerbird's Disco collection reed diffuser take you on a fragrant journey – where nostalgia waltzes gracefully with modern luxury. Groove on and let the good times diffuse!

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