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Balance by Paulina Otero

Balance by Paulina Otero

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Hey there, fabulous art aficionados! Get ready to adorn yourself with a touch of timeless elegance inspired by none other than the brilliant Virginia Jaramillo and her mesmerizing "Curvilinear" series.

Picture this: a journey back in time to the late '60s and early '70s, where abstract art reigned supreme. Virginia's masterpieces burst forth with vibrant colors and graceful forms, captivating the soul and igniting the imagination. And guess what? Paulina's captured that essence and infused it into her breathtaking earrings.

Each pair is a living homage to Virginia's genius, meticulously crafted by dissecting the shapes and hues found within her iconic paintings. The artist channeled the richness of color and the fluidity of form into designs that dance with grace and sophistication.

But they didn't stop there, oh no! Inspired by Virginia's philosophy on negative space, Paulina's ensured that every element of these earrings has room to breathe, allowing the beauty to flow effortlessly around you as you wear them.

And let's talk materials, shall we? These beauties are crafted from white iridescent acrylic, or translucent multi-colors adding a touch of modernity and whimsy to your ensemble. 

So, dear friends, whether you're strolling through an art gallery or simply sashaying through life, let our Virginia Jaramillo-inspired earrings be your statement piece. Embrace the spirit of creativity, embrace the beauty of the abstract, and let your style shine like never before! ✨

Earrings measure 2.5" by 1.75."

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