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Sleeping Bag Coat

Sleeping Bag Coat

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Crafted for the wandering heart and the eco-conscious spirit, the Slumber Jacket transcends the ordinary bounds of outdoor apparel, merging the cozy sanctuary of a sleeping bag with the dynamic utility of a thermal jacket. Imagine a garment that wraps you in a bubble of warmth, whether you're gazing at stars in the wilderness or dancing away at a vibrant music festival. This isn't just clothing; it's an adventure companion, ready to transition from a puffy, protective coat to a snug sleeping sanctuary with the ease of a zip.

Our Slumber Jacket is the embodiment of thoughtful design, engineered with PrimaLoft® RISE insulation to cocoon you in warmth without compromising on mobility. The magic doesn't stop there; a retractable foot compartment unfurls, transforming your jacket into a full-body embrace, ensuring no part of you is left to the mercy of the chill. Picture this: the soft rustle of 50D Ripstop recycled REPREVE® polyester, its texture as reassuring as its sustainability story. With a water repellency of 13,000mm and a breathability rating of 5,000mm, this jacket-sleeping bag hybrid stands as a bastion against the elements, while fostering a harmonious balance with nature.

Weaved into the very fabric of the Slumber Jacket is our commitment to environmental stewardship. Every thread tells a story of innovation and respect for the planet, from the 100% recycled plastic bottle construction to the non-toxic, fluorine-free Bionic Finish®Eco DWR coating. The jacket's insulation, boasting at least an 80% post-consumer recycled content, is a testament to our dedication to not just exploring the world but also preserving it for future adventurers.

Ideal for the soul drawn to the outdoors, whether it's the thrill of a mountain descent after snowboarding, the serenity of a camping night, or the exhilaration of surfing's embrace. The Slumber Jacket is not just gear; it's a declaration of love for the planet and the countless adventures it holds.


 Sizes: Refer to fully detailed size guide in images. 


S: 2.53lb

M: 2.8lb

L: 3.04lb

XL: 3.3lb


Warmth Rating SGS

Extreme temperature -5°C (23°F)

Limit temperature 7°C (45°F)

Comfort temperature 11°C (52°F)

The Slumber Jacket is machine washable at 30ºC (86F). Please use minimal detergent and do not tumble dry.

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