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Waterproof Poncho with Hood

Waterproof Poncho with Hood

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Embrace the wild with the Adult Poncho, your adventure-ready companion crafted to keep you dry, warm, and moving seamlessly from water to land. This isn't just a poncho; it's a revolution in sustainable outdoor gear, marrying functionality with fierce environmental commitment. Imagine slipping into a cocoon of comfort that's as kind to the planet as it is to your skin - that's the Adult Poncho experience.

Crafted from 100% recycled 50D REPREVE® Ripstop fabric, each poncho recycles 74 plastic bottles, transforming waste into wonder and setting a new standard in eco-friendly design. With an impressive 18,000mm waterproof column and Bionic Finish®Eco Fluorine Free water-repellent finish, this poncho doesn’t just resist water; it laughs in the face of it. The quick-dry, absorbent microfiber fleece lining is a towel and warmth provider rolled into one, ensuring you're dry and toasty in record time.

But let's dive deeper than its surface. The Adult Poncho is a marvel of modern material science, boasting a plant-based, non-fluorinated Bionic Finish®Eco for unmatched water repellency made from 60 percent renewably sourced raw materials. Inside, the 100% recycled polyester yarn insulation by Sugenro wraps you in warmth without weighing down your conscience or your backpack.

Versatile, roomy, and packing down to the size of your adventure spirit, it's perfect for surfers seeking a discreet wetsuit change, trail enthusiasts drying off after a spontaneous swim, or anyone in between. The Adult Poncho is more than just outdoor gear; it's a statement of sustainable living and adventure without compromise.

Size: Generously oversized for comfort and practicality, ensuring a convenient change or dry-off on the go. Refer to fully detailed size guide in images.



Packs into a pillow size 14.2x8.2x8.2inch (36x21x21cm) for convenient small pack volume for moving around

Lightweight average: 980g / 2.16lbs / 34.6oz

Fit: Oversized cutting to allow changing inside or just wear over your wetsuit as additional personal shelter. We recommend you take your own size if you would like a more roomy fit and a smaller size if you prefer your hooded poncho to be more fitting.

The Outdoor Poncho is machine washable at 30ºC (86F). Please use minimal detergent and do not tumble dry.

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