Nomad Pots

Welcome to the warm, textured world of Anna Shaw, the heart, hands, and soul behind Nomad Pots. She’s the whisperer of clay, the alchemist of glaze, residing in the artful nooks of Clintonville, Columbus, Ohio. With hands that shape more than just pottery, Anna crafts stories, moments, and a love that you can hold.

Here at BowerBird, we cherish the connection between maker and community, and Nomad Pots embodies this spirit. Every piece from Anna's studio is a testament to the art of thoughtful gifting and the celebration of local artistry. Her strike anywhere matchstick holders light up rooms and hearts with a simple scratch. The ceramic incense domes send up whispers of tranquility, transforming spaces into sanctuaries. And her spoon rests? They are little resting places for your utensils, sure, but also for your gaze, amidst the dance of kitchen life.

Gifting a Nomad Pot is not just about giving something beautiful; it's about sharing a piece of the soul, a token of the earth, touched by hands that care deeply about craft and community. It’s about supporting the local economy and bringing joy to the everyday with a gift that tells a story.

So why not extend the story further? Come visit us at BowerBird, where the tales of clay come to life. Hold them in your hands, feel the texture, see the colors dance, and maybe, just maybe, let a piece of Anna's world find its way into your own. Because nothing compares to the charm of selecting the perfect gift in person, where you can experience the true essence of handcrafted artistry.

Discover Nomad Pots at BowerBird – because the best stories are the ones you can touch.